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With a number of choices available, a layman can easily get confused about what suits his needs and which product and brand he should go for. To aid you in making the most appropriate decision, the following product review will guide to choose the best as per your requirements. The Jet DC-1200VX-CK1 Dust Collector 2 HP 1 PH 230 Volt 2 Micron Canister Kit is a great choice for people who wish to stay in a dust-free environment and want to breathe in fresh air. This easy-to-use dust collector is extremely productive with its high power and expertly engineered design.

Main Features

With an airflow of 1200 CFM and a bag diameter of 20 inches, the Jet DC-1200VX-CK1 Dust Collector captures around 98% of 2-micron impure particles and about 86% of 1-micron particles. The remarkable 5-years warranty of the product ensures its quality and confidence of the brand. Equipped with the Vortex Cone Technology, which separates the chips, this dust collector has a 12-inch blower wheel and a sound rating of 80 to 85 dB. The 25-inches canister and 5.3-cubic feet capacity of the collection bag gives quite a large space for storage of dust and other impure particles, which are produced as a result of wood and other works.

A powerful 2 HP motor works on 8 amperes and is a single-phase one. The motor voltage is 230 Volts and the average weight of the Jet DC-1200VX-CK1 Dust Collector is 127 pounds. It comes with a dual dust port of 4 inches, which makes the collector capable of being attached to the machines simultaneously. The filters installed in the dust collector keep on rotating periodically, which reduces the dust accumulation. This in turn reduces the different health hazards’ risks, which might by caused by the impurities. Casters ensure mobility and portability of the dust collector to provide ease to the users for maximum satisfaction.


The many advantages of the Jet DC-1200VX-CK1 Dust Collector are that the vortex cone technology improves the separation of chip, which enhances the overall performance and efficiency of the dust collector. The single-stage design of this product from Jet proves to be economical for the users. It is known to create less noise as compared to other products and comes with an easy installation of the dust collection bags used for storage. Fewer bag changes are required, which improves efficiency and effectiveness of the dust collector. This dust collector is easy to assemble due to its effective design and the canisters can be removed easily due to the user-friendly knobs, which make handling extremely easy for the person operating the product.


The negative aspects of this particular product are that it is a heavy dust collector as compared to many other products and the bags might become slightly difficult to remove once they get too full.


The Jet DC-1200VX-CK1 Dust Collector is designed to become an example of efficiency and effectiveness, which makes the user quite satisfied. Get a hold of this dust collector now and stay dust free!

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