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Keeping your surroundings clean must be on the top of any wood worker’s to-do-list. This is to ensure that the air he inhales is free from any dust particles, which may eventually turn out to be hazardous for a person’s lungs health. Wood dust collectors are generally used by the people who use machinery that produces wood dust, debris, and chips. The Oasis Machinery DC5000 Wood Dust Collector is one of the many dust collectors used to ensure a dust-free environment in your workshop. This review will guide you through the details, privileges and drawbacks to provide you with a better understanding of this particular dust collector.

Main Features

The Oasis Machinery DC5000 Wood Dust Collector is designed with a powerful 5-horsepower, single-phase motor at 220 volts. It has an air suction capacity of 2760 CFM AND 3450 RPM. The impeller in this particular wood dust collector is a 12-inch balanced steel radius with a maximum inlet size of 6 inches. The motor’s amp draw is 220V-18A and the dust collector has a static pressure of 14.5-inches. The inlet adapter is 3-ways and has 4-inch inlets.

The diameter of the collection bag in the Oasis Machinery DC5000 Wood Dust Collector is of 19 inches. The lower bag is 43 inches deep while the upper bag is of a depth of 33 inches. The height of the dust collector with the bags in an inflated position is 88 inches with a bag filtration of 30 microns. The bag volume of this wood dust collector from Oasis Machinery is 14.1 cubic feet. This product can be connected to three or more than three machinery items at the same time, which is quite beneficial for its users who can use it for multiple machines without wasting any of their precious time. It fits with the majority of the brands, which are the producers of wood dust and other types of debris while working with wood.


The advantages that are attributable to the Oasis Machinery DC5000 Wood Dust Collector are that it offers a great number of features at an affordable price. Its heavy-duty motor improves performance and efficiency and the powerful suction keeps the air free from any hazardous dust particles and debris that may cause harm to the user in the long term. Due to its large storage space, it requires less emptying and changing of the bags. The casters at the base of the wood dust collector ensure mobility and portability of the product.


This dust collector, i.e.the Oasis Machinery DC5000 Wood Dust Collector, makes a bit more noise as compared to the other wood dust collectors.


The Oasis Machinery DC5000 Wood Dust Collector is a great addition in the machinery tools and items of the professionals and casual woodworkers to keep their workshop clean. Do your research and order now to get a hold of this remarkable product. Benefit from its extraordinary features, which make it stand out from the rest of the wood dust collectors available in the markets!

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Oasis Machinery DC5000 Review

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