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Dust Collectors are a necessity for all the woodworkers who wish to breathe in fresh air that is beneficial for your lungs. These miracle machines filter out the impurities from the air surrounding you and enhance the performance of your machinery items; therefore, they are must-to purchase in order to improve the productivity and efficiency of your profession. The Woodworking DC725 Portable Tabletop Dust Collector from Penn State Industries (PSI) is a product that can be placed on any type of table and can be positioned with great ease. Read on to find out the features and the specifications of this tabletop dust collector from PSI.

Main Features

The PSI Woodworking DC725 Portable Tabletop Dust Collector is a quite light in weight product, which is self-contained. It has a portable cabinet having the dimensions 8 ½ inches x     10 3/8 inches x 23 ¼ inches, which has the fans and filters integrated into it. The dust collecting filters of 10 inches x 20 inches capture dust at 725 CPM. The clear polycarbonate doors that are responsible for directing the airflow ensure maximum suction. It consists of 3 motors working at 110 volts and 1.29 amps. It has a variable-speed fan control and the clear doors have an adjustable hood.

It comes with two grounded outlets at 115 volts, which are for your power tools and machinery. The handle at the top of the dust collector makes carrying the product convenient for the users who wish to have portable dust collectors. The filters of the PSI Woodworking DC725 Portable Tabletop Dust Collector can be removed quite easily for cleaning to improve its performance. It has an outlet for a power carver and light, and it has mounting holes for both these items to make it easier for the users.

The weight of this tabletop dust collector is 25.4 pounds and its dimensions are 25.3 inches x 12.9 inches x 10.8 inches. It comes with a repair warranty by the Company for a period of 24 months.


The advantages of the PSI Woodworking DC725 Portable Tabletop Dust Collector are that it is available at an affordable price and is perfect for those who are on a budget but wish to purchase a handy product. It makes an acceptable level of noise, which is better than most products having 3 powerful motors. While using this product, face masks, are not that necessary which makes working more comfortable. The electric cord of the dust collector has its own storage area making mobility easier. It has a minimal assembly time with easy-to-understand instructions.


The negative aspect of the PSI Woodworking DC+725 Portable Tabletop Dust Collector is that the plastic shields cannot be stored with the machine when you are moving it. The packaging is simply okay, but not great.


Order the PSI Woodworking DC725 Portable Tabletop Dust Collector online today. Get rid of all your dust related issues and worries as this dust collector filters the air and keeps your workshop clean to save you from any health issues, which might turn out to be very serious!

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PSI Woodworking DC725 Review

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